I want you to want me as your photographer, not just someone with a nice camera that you think will do a decent job. I don’t want your photos to be something you’re just trying to get out of the way and done with. I’ll be capturing those moments you won’t want to forget, so it holds a lot of value to me and hopefully you as well.

My goal is to capture everything that is you/your love. I love capturing the shine in people's eyes when they smile or laugh. I love making people feel comfortable and not constantly worrying that their photo is being taken. Tell me about yourselves and what you want from this shoot and why you chose me. It always helps when you can just talk about anything and be yourself. Those are the best times to get those perfect shots you came to me for. I love natural light and grainy photos. I love close ups and long distance shots where you can see how beautiful the location is as well. I love little details that you may not see, but that's why I am here.

When I’m taking your photo, I want it to be more than just those stiff, awkward poses where your mouth hurts from smiling for too long. I am in love with those in between moments, the laughing and the fun of being yourself or with someone you love. I want those laughs to be something you remember and will cherish. I love what I do and I want you to be in love with what I do.

If you are okay with all of that, as well as:
A few unexpected sprinkles of rain
Wind in your hair
Getting yourself a little messy
Opening up + Being a bit vulnerable
Letting go and having fun

If that is something you’re in to, then we are a perfect match!

Shoot me an email at and say hi, we’ll get some coffee and plan your perfect shoot.

If you are emailing about anything love/wedding related please include the following:
- Both of your full names
-Contact info (phone numbers + emails)
-Event/Shoot date + location
-A little bit about both of you + how you met
-What drew you to my work
-And of course any details or photos you’d like to add :)

Portraits start at $200
Couples start at $300
Families start at $350

Local Weddings start at $1500
Out Of State Weddings start at $3800
Elopements start at $1000
Engagements/Formals start at $300

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