Hi there! I know it’s important for me to get to know you, but it is just as important for you guys, my potential clients to get to know me. I am looking for couples who know a photographer investment, not just something to get out of the way and be done with.

I want you to be picky about your wedding photographer. I am not someone who is just going to throw you in an awkward pose and call it good. I want the candid, laughing, crying, loving photos. The ones where you can see the raw emotion in them. These photos are going to be something that you will have for your entire lifetime to look back on. They are so important and I want you to think that too. And if you don’t feel that way, that is okay. Just like how there are certain client that work well with me, there will be a photographer out there that fits your needs more than I will and I hope you find that photographer.

I will get those photos that matter to you. The ones of of your kids playing and laughing, and we both know that they grow SO fast, that first glance the love of your life gives when they see you walk down the isle, or maybe you just got your hair done and want to show it off. I am here for you and you can trust me! I will capture those perfect little moments throughout your life that you will cherish and honestly, we’ll probably end up best friends! I will listen to your needs and make you feel like you can truly be yourself in front of my camera. My photos will be representing your life, your love and your family and how wonderful it all is.

Let’s capture the wind in your hair. Let’s be vulnerable and have some fun. Maybe it will rain and you’ll get a little messy. But the adventure of it all is all worth it! So, let’s go up in the mountains or go play in the snow and make some magic together.

If you feel we are a good match, shoot me an email at and say hey. Let’s grab some coffee and plan your perfect day or shoot!

If you are emailing about anything love/wedding related please include the following:
- Both of your full names
-Contact info (phone numbers + emails)
-Event/Shoot date + location
-A little bit about both of you + how you met
-What drew you to my work
-And of course any details or photos you’d like to add :)


Portraits start at $200
Couples start at $300
Families start at $350

Local Weddings start at $1800
Out Of State Weddings start at $3000
Elopements start at $1000
Engagements/Formals start at $350

Name (s) *
Name (s)
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Address (for invoices and/or goodies and such)