Hi there, I'm Briana, but you're welcome to call me Bri.

I am a mom to an adorable blue-eyed baby boy named Kai and am married to a stud named Sam. My husband and I met at a concert, we were both so into music at one point in our lives and I am glad it brought me to him. Then he took me to my favorite place, Seattle, we had our first kiss and it went from there. We love binge watching Netflix shows and eating terrible junk food until we feel sick and of course, cuddling with Kai. My little boy is 3, he loves dragons and whales, eats way too many dum-dums and chocolate, loves to go to target and play outside. He also is already super outgoing and has so much energy and absolutely loves to give kisses, he'll even kiss his stuffed animals.

I am a stay at home mom, so my life consists of being a mom/wife and taking photos of people. I eat way more cafe rio than any person probably should, spend way too much money on coffee, and spend my free time playing Overwatch. I am getting super into makeup, so maybe one day I can be your wedding photographer and makeup artist! But for now, I'll just take photos.

I have been taking photos since I was little, but when I realized this was what I wanted to do and pursue as a career 4 years ago. I started out as a live music photographer, but I am now a lifestyle, love  + portrait photographer. I hope to capture those moments you look back on and just smile. I love capturing the laughs and glow in people's eyes, the sweet moments between you and someone you love. It's amazing making people feel beautiful.

Don't be shy, we can create wonderful things together!

I am based in Bluffdale, Utah but traveling is always welcome!


Photos above are taken by Chelsea Wallace